Fostering Nonprofit Innovation

Rad is pleased to be hosting the April Nonprofit Blog Carnival. We asked for your thoughts on how to encourage innovation in a nonprofit setting and you all did not disappoint. Thanks to all those who submitted! We hope you enjoy as much as we have.

  • In a post on Care2's Frogloop blog, Rad's own Allyson Kapin shares her thoughts at the lack of innovation she sees in the sector and why more organizations should adopt lessons from the world of social entrepreneurship on Nonprofits: It's Time to Innovate!
  • Katya Andresen from Network for Good tackles overcoming internal resistance to marketing/fundraising change in 9 Things To Do When You’re Right But Your Boss Thinks You’re Wrong"There’s no doubt about it: Your hardest market to crack is often your own office. So how do you convince your colleagues that your way is the right way?" Check out Katya's answer.
  • Marnie Webb argues that the most impressive and needed innovations occur when using known technologies to increase needed resources in a post on Why Innovation Matters.
  • Charles Lenchner offers an insightful take on the "current wave of interest sweeping the nptechie world for all things strategic and change-y" and why "change is too important to be left in the hands of the executive directors, board members and consultants." in Strategic Plannery and Organizational Changeyness.
  • David Venn explores impediments to innovation and how to create a positive culture in the Paradox of Nonprofit Innovation.
  • David Wolpe takes a look at innovation in government and advocacy in his post Gov 2.0 and Salsa.
  • In his post on government and foundation systems, Jake Seliger looks at some of the challenges of beauracratic institutions only slowly adopting innovative technologies. Read his example in Lurches Into the 21st Century

Check out Nancy Schwartz's call for submissions to the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival over on her Getting Attention blog where she's asking for life-changing book recommendations.

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