Best Nonprofit Marketing Posts of 2012

beach arrowsThere are some really brilliant people working in the nonprofit community and fortunately many of these smarties are excellent bloggers! I read a lot of articles about nonprofit marketing, from year end appeals to mobile giving to slacktivism and more. I have compiled my favorites from 2012 and I hope this collection will empower you to engage your community, to advance your mission, to change the world.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. I have pulled from my own reading, my saved bookmarks, starred items in my feed reader, Evernote, Delicious, links colleagues have shared over email lists and Facebook Groups, and a few posts I catch myself googling to find again and again. Grouping the posts by category reveals my own interests and I've noticed that I favor longer pieces. As a result, some topics are more thinly covered, notably IT and nonprofit governance. I have undoubtedly missed a ton of incredible posts so please share additional favorites in the comments! 

This wrap up is inspired by Tamar Weinberg's now retired annual Best Internet Marketing Posts series. It's a long list, but I hope you'll find my favorite posts of 2012 valuable. Enjoy!

The *Really* Important Stuff


Innovation & Experimentation 


Measurement, Metrics, Data, Evaluation 


Change Leadership


Staffing and Capacity Building


Boundaries Personal and Professional






Social Fundraising




Telling Stories


Images, Visuals, and Media


Going "Viral", Memes, Newsjacking, and More


Gratitude and Showing Thanks


Content Management and Content Curation


Generational Audiences


Privacy and Security


In Hot Water: Transparency, Crisis Communications, and #TakeBackThePink

  • Another Fortress Caught in Social Media Firestorm (Allison Fine): "It’s hard to think of a more joyous, carefree place than sleepaway camp. Sadly, though, this week we have witnessed a camp director who let the worst part of himself, the narrow, scared, ungenerous part trump all the wonderful assets I’m sure he posses."

Holy cow, there are so many great posts reflecting on the lessons of Komen's crisis this year. There are some common takeaways, but everyone had there own slant on this as events unfolded.


Learning from Campaigns




Nonprofit Websites


Mobile Websites




Email Marketing

Ok, Blackbaud's done a deep dive on this topic...




Social Media




Social Media: For the Executive Suite


Social Media: Tools




Facebook Groups








Google Grants


Trends and Recaps


Other Links and Resources


Closing Words

Well, you have your reading cut out for you :) What have I missed? Please share your favorite posts from 2012 with us in the comments.

Here's to a world changing year.


I don't know how this escaped my feed before, but I just noticed you listed two of my blog posts in here. Thank you so much! 

Awesome list! But the link to "Sh*t Nonprofit People Say" is wrong. It links to Beth's NonprofitHulk feature.

Julia, thanks for sharing. Happy to include such great posts!

Thanks so much for including one of my articles (under Trends & Recaps) - it's an honor to be in such good company!

Thanks Jenna. Great recommendation!

Shameless plug, but I would like to add the Case Foundation's post from Allie Burns on Let's Be Fearless Communicators.

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